About Us

Share Square is working with a core creative team responsible for strategy building, is defining the DNA of our clients, their targets and how to realize them. We are working with a wide network of the most talented local freelancers and powerheads to create the individual custom social marketing campaign that you need. Therefore each project is realized with a tailormade team for your campaign.


Our Philosophy

Share Square is the company structure of the future. Instead of building on structures we focus on a modular approach to running a business. With mobile offices, community spaces and a wide network of freelancers that we work with Share Square clients gain access to a network and infrastructure that is unmatched in both diversity and adaptivity. At Share Square we believe that moving fast is the only way to move, and that going off path is the only place where innovation can thrive and evolve. At Share Square we take a different approach. We do not need to step outside of the comfort zone, because we don’t have one.


A digital native since day one, Sylwina has founded Share Square in 2015 with the vision of creating virtual space for knowledge, content and creative exchange. Sylwina's focus is extracting her clients digital DNA and is delivering it to the target audience in an approachable and playful way.



Harun "Shark" Dogan is known as one of the pioneers of street art in Europe and for his passion for all kinds of printing techniques – a craft he has acquired from the start of his artistic career. 

With 25 years of experience in the industry, Shark has a strong visual eye. With his street art and graffiti background as well as his longtime activity as art director and photographer, he not only combines his passions for fashion, graphics, photography and interior design but also creates innovative output with an international production team for all kinds of his customer's briefings.



Leo personifies the millenial urban athlete by taking the art of movement to the next level. He is dedicated to pushing his limits, build new skills, keep creating new & unique content as well as inspiring his online community to be active. For Leo exercising is not a habit, not a lifestyle - its a mindset. 

Our Body is home of the Soul and the two are bound together in a lifelong partnership which needs to be nurtured and maintained in order to ensure maximum health, energy and life quality. Leo is athlete, online content creator & health coach. 

See his work: 

My Van

My Van is a lifestyle content producer who focuses on capturing people’s stories, urban culture and street life. Her videos and photos highlight the subleties of street culture and the overall beauty of a scene. From her knowledge and international experience, she works closely with brands and artists to improve the overall quality of visual strategies and content. Her goal is to help you understand where the people and brands come from as well as fall in love with the stories by sharing the vision and passion through her lenses. My Van specializes in building communities, creative consultation and the use of digital, photo and video to raise awareness for bands and businesses alike.