We operated with the agency M&C Saatchi Istanbul and created real-time #superbowl questions by using Twitter’s Conversational Video Ad tool. The answer options were named after some of THY’s destinations like Cape Town, İstanbul, Dubai, Houston, Delhi, Prague, Rome, and Kiev. Users were motivated to tweet with 19 different questions and afterwards were redirected to our microsite ( Twenty people who gave a correct answer and completed a form on the microsite won a business ticket.

During #superbowl, we organically made the US Trend Topic List. 27,775 users created Conversational Cards, and 25% of these people visited the microsite. Nine percent of the visitors completed the form.

The campaign generated 49% more earned media than anticipated.

We’re very proud to announce that Rawcut was awarded 2nd prize in the Social Media category for Turkish Airlines’ Superbowl Real-Time Project.